Monday, July 09, 2007

Cool New Site for PowerPoint Graphics!

Hi All!

Steamy week in July in Kentucky! I wanted to tell you about a great new Powerpoint graphics site called

Not just your average PowerPoint graphics, but these are made in native PowerPoint, so they are completely scalable, and completely editable. They have 5 free downloads for you "I like my trial first" users and costs for individual graphcis and full graphics packages are very affordable!

I personally recommend the Business Basics package - which I use. When I mean they are editable, I mean you can ungroup the individual objects that make up the pictures and change them to your personal preference.

For example, suppose your company colors are red and grey... you can customize the business person's outfit to have her wearing a red shirt and grey pants! This itself makes it worth the price because you can match your template colors or put in graphics and modify them to create a better flowing presentation without "jarring" graphics.

Try them!

Happy July,
Nan @ brainybetty