Thursday, January 29, 2009

Microsoft Office Online Training and Demos for the 2007 Microsoft Office release

pencil You can get free training through your RSS Feed Reader (Outlook 2007 has this capability if you have Office 2007) or you can view it in Microsoft IE or Google Reader. These training modules are delivered straight to you and include demos, quizzes, step by step tutorials and more. You can find Microsoft's RSS Feed by clicking here.

Stay warm everyone!

nan @ brainybetty :)

Microsoft Office Online Training and Demos for the 2007 Microsoft Office release

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

PowerPoint templates for $99 for one year! Unlimited downloads + template finder FREE.

images_ppt_th_bus808 Crystal Graphics has a wonderful offer for those of you who spend a lot of time trying to find the correct background for your presentations. For just $99, you can get UNLIMITED downloads and choose professionally designed, beautiful backgrounds.

Find it here.

The template finder (FREE) allows you to avoid the hassle of downloading and inserting the template into your presentation. It's done automatically for you!


PresentationstogSig200 And if you don't even want to bother creating slides and figuring out how to best present your information - try their Presentations to Go! (Only $49!) The 23 topics you'll get presentation "shells" for are:

Category Review
Change Proposal
Communicate Bad News
Company Overview
Company Strategic Analysis
Convincing People of a Problem
General Format
Identify Potential Problems
Identify the Problem
Investor Relations
New Project Proposal
Persuasive Presentation
Product Launch
Project Progress Report
Recommend an Alternative
Satisfying Your Customers
Sell to the Customer Interests
Share Information
Strategy Recommendation
Teach Skills
Technical Presentation
Technical Sales
Work Update


Great deals in this economy for us who have to make presentations every day!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

155 people saved. WoW.

I HAD to put in my 2 cents here. I am completely AMAZED and grateful for all the souls saved yesterday in New York. God truly is here with all of us. I am so THANKFUL for all the souls saved and had complete calm. THANK YOU GOD.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Going green: How to cut costs and save the planet - Microsoft Office Online

laptop This is a wonderful article on cutting costs and going green. For our company, reducing paper waste, cutting down energy costs (especially this time of year) and saving money - not to mention, improving the planet - are some primary objectives for 2009.

These aren't complicated ideas or suggestions, but  easy to implement and understand.

For me, in 2009, I am pledging at least 2 "technology free" days a month. This may be on weekends or weekdays, but I think it will help not only my bills but my peace of mind as well!

For example, if on a weekend, I vow to turn off the computer, the regular and cell phone, and not allow the usage of anything from mp3 players to X-boxes to the TV or the minivan.

We'll get up, make and have breakfast together as a family. Spend time organizing, playing games together, hanging out with the dog, catching up with the kids lives and reading some good books. We'll notice our surroundings and look people in the eyes when we are speaking with each other. We will re-recognize the humanity in us all.

I may paint or draw or doodle on paper I've already used to print out things on and saved from some inane reason. I may find items that have cluttered our house for years and create Salvation Army bundles of clothing or old toys and other knick knacks. We'll enjoy our mealtimes, because we're paying attention to what we are eating, not what we are watching on TV while we eat.

In that way, for me, I hope to reconnect with myself, my home and my family... and disconnect with technology and the myriad of social networks online (I mean, how much LinkedIn, Facebook, Twittering and MySpacing can you stand?) ,  cell phone calls and the busy buzz of business, planning and marketing activities always running in my head.

You can also find some awesome articles on going green and saving money here


Happy 2009 all!

Nan @ brainybetty

Going green: How to cut costs and save the planet - Microsoft Office Online