Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Review of a fabulous software tool: NXPowerLite: Compress all those Office, jpeg and pdf files efficiently!


homepage-top-bgIt’s been a long time between posts and some time since I’ve done a review. I’ve been redesigning the Brainy Betty site among other things and updating a 1,000+ pages yourself is no fun!

But, recently I got the opportunity to review a cool software tool that does MAJOR compression of Excel, PowerPoint and Word files, in addition to pdf files, jpeg pictures and even zip files that contain these types of things.

Why Do I Care?

Do you have someone in your family (not naming names, Dad), or a friend or someone at work who emails you these ginormous pictures or presentations and does not compress anything?  Before you know it, your little Inbox is stuffed to capacity with large attachments – not to mention your hard drive space.

I remember when I was working at Honeywell when we as a matter of course sent PowerPoint files and Excel workbooks containing huge projects as a daily task. (BTW, NXPowerLite has an File Server edition for companies/organizations as well – be sure and read about the companies using that and their results.)

But nowadays, for me, working from home as an independent businesswoman, I do find that my drives are indeed cluttered with large files that are necessary to keep, but definitely taking up hard drive space.

So I was happily surprised to find the NX”Lite” Desktop edition that makes me more efficient and my hard drive skinnier! Completely easy to use – you drag and drop files into the box and simply click “Optimize”.

Do you want to see my results? Here are the actual screen shots:

In the first case, I took some digital photographs and compressed them. 13.4 MB was reduced to 185 KB with absolutely no comparable loss in the quality of the photo or the dimensions! That’s 99% smaller than the original.


In the second scenario, I took a PowerPoint presentation and reduced it – this one was filled with pictures, music and transitions – originally 8.3 MB, reduced to a very email-able 2.8 MB. A reduction in size of 66%.


The software is VERY affordably priced for individuals and large companies will definitely see cost savings of all kinds if they purchase the File Server edition.

I was so happy with the results that I asked the company if they would be willing to give away copies to our Facebook and Twitter fans. They generously agreed to allow me to give away multiple copies, so be sure and join our Fan page or Follow Us on Twitter to learn how to snag one of these for yourself!

Great product – well worth checking out!

Nan @ brainybetty Smile