Monday, May 16, 2011

Fotolia - over 13 million royalty free images

I recently had an opportunity to review the Fotolia site and I was suitably impressed. There are paid vector images, fantastic photographs for any topic you can think of, videos and more. In fact, you can sell your own art and digital photos and other content at the site - which allows it grow every day! Here are free images they offer:

What I liked best are the videos - I have used some of these for my PowerPoint presentations and they really do make a difference between a regular run of the mill presentation and one that has some great impact. They have an addin for Microsoft PowerPoint here as well:

Their cool Flixtime online app allows you to upload photos and text and choose a tune and create a 60 second video free - very cool! Check it out here:

Awesome company, great freebies and inexpensive media. Be sure and check them out!