Friday, September 21, 2007

Excel Macros.


I know. i know. You look at the word macros and think oh dang, I have no CLUE what that means.

It's really easy - so take a minute and learn, ok? I promise it is NOT as painful as a root canal and definitely way more beneficial. You learn how to AUTOMATE tasks with macros so you aren't spending time doing things over and over and OVER again. You will be programming! You go girl! (ok, or Guy!)

Go learn. Seriously, take a 20 minute lunch at your desk and do this. It will be SO worth it.

Oh, and BTW, my friend Dennis at CG sent me this: Do you know that for $99 BUCKS a year you can have access to THOUSANDS of professional templates that will so make your presentations POP? And more are added [FREE] monthly to your library. Hey, if you are a speaker, a person who needs to persuade or teach or sell ideas, a person who relies on presentations to make a living, please do go and invest in this. You will be able to make gorgeous presentations and create something that people remember and ACT upon.

Seriously, $99 bucks a year is nothing. It's like 27 cents a day. Can you invest that in improving you, your business, your organization or church or university or department? Your message? Ok, yeah. go do it now then.

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