Friday, October 05, 2007

PowerPoint Users: Get the magic back with Transitions and 3D Titles and Marcia Martin - Speaker/Coach Extraordinaire!

There's nothing I hate more than a boring presentation - content is king, but I have seen so many corporate presentations with slide after slide of text and standard graphics, it's quite painful to sit through these - especially in a live environment.

One way to keep your audience engaged while you are presenting is to use transitions in PowerPoint - not the standard ones, PowerPoint comes with - but some they are not used to seeing in SlideShow mode. Seeing something new and exciting always tends to keep people "awake" during a presentation - especially if it is a presentation that is technical in nature.

You can see examples of what I am talking about here and here.

But even before you create the presentation, learning how to present is an art. Some speakers command your attention, easily persuade, build rapport with the audience and seem to magnetically attract success whereever they go. In the coming month, I will be talking more about learning the "ART" of presenting with the help of my friend and mentor, Marcia Martin of and the Vice President of the Transformational Leadership Council.

A little about Marcia:
Marcia Martin has been a Teacher of Success for over 30 years in the Transformational Training Business. She is renowned internationally for being one of the leading Life & Executive Coaches, and Transformational Trainers in the World today.

Marcia is considered to be one of the original pioneers of the Human Potential Movement, and was instrumental in training many of the executives and managers of the leading transformational training companies, including Esalen Institute, Landmark Forum, Technico, Life Spring, Insight, Actualizations, International Federation of Coaches (IFC), Sports Mind, Self Esteem Seminars, Tony Robbins Seminars, Human Potential Project, Money & You, Accelerated Learning, and Delfin International.

She is the Executive Vice President and a Board Member of The Transformational Leadership Council (TLC), a not-for-profit association she helped co-found in 2004 with Jack Canfield, the famed author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series. As the Executive Vice President of TLC she is responsible for Program Development, Event Production, Media, and Communication.

In July of 2005, she was selected by Rhonda Byrne, the Executive Producer of the world phenomena DVD and Book, The Secret, to be one of the TLC Teachers to be interviewed for the film, and is a recognized expert in teaching the Law of Attraction. She is also the Associate Producer and a regular guest host of the international television series, Positive Living TV, to be shown in over 100 countries by the end of 2008.

In 1971, Marcia was one of the original founding members of est, Erhard Seminars Training, the largest human potential training and educational company in the World. As the Senior Vice President of est, Marcia was responsible for training the trainers, graduate and guest seminar leaders in the arena of enrollment, sales, and presentation skills. She managed the Communication Registration Division and created the Guest Seminar Leaders Training Program (GSLP). Her responsibilities for the est organization included marketing, public relations, sales, promotional campaigns, production and filling of all est events & programs, the opening of new centers, registration systems, and managing the Creative Department.

In 1980, Marcia became the COO and Vice President of Marketing of Tsuru, an international design and marketing corporation, which manufactured and marketed fashion jewelry designs by world acclaimed designer, Laurel Burch. Marcia managed marketing, operations, and staff training, and had offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Hong Kong and Beijing.

In 1985, Marcia founded her own consulting and transformational training company, MM Productions, (also known as Power Speaking Seminars). As the CEO and President, Marcia currently delivers corporate and public trainings, seminars, and courses that teach people to be successful, and how to create the results they want in their lives and in their organizations. Marcia’s clients include: Inter-Continental Hotels International, Loews Hotels International, Capital One Financial Services Inc, Chase Manhattan Bank, and Warner Brothers. She has personally trained and coached over 150,000 people worldwide to be more effective in their lives and communication.

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