Monday, November 10, 2008

3 stubborn PC problems you can fix

This is a useful article to help you step by step when

a. you keep getting a "Your system is running low on virtual memory" message.

b. Your taskbar has disappeared or

c. Your windows slide off the desktop.

3 stubborn PC problems you can fix


Well, the election is finally over and its back to work and business. I, for one, am looking forward to a changed government and a changed country in the coming years.


logo Our new company Intellipodcast got incorporated in the last couple of months and we are so excited to see how people are using that site to create audio and video shows free online.


One technology teacher is using it at a high school to create video broadcasts with his students about daily announcements at the school. A real estate broker is using it to showcase homes and even video directions to his office. A composer is creating web broadcasts for his fans. Others are using private audio to create affirmations and download them to their mp3 players or burn onto CD. A movie producer is using the site to share video footage that was not used in a released movie.


We think that small businesses and organizations can create shows to communicate with and inform their audience and engage visitors on their own websites and blogs.


We invite you to check out the site at where you can sign up for a free account and keep it as long as you'd like! We think you'll find it as useful as our Brainy Betty site!

Happy Fall and have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families!


nan @ brainybetty

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