Tuesday, January 27, 2009

PowerPoint templates for $99 for one year! Unlimited downloads + template finder FREE.

images_ppt_th_bus808 Crystal Graphics has a wonderful offer for those of you who spend a lot of time trying to find the correct background for your presentations. For just $99, you can get UNLIMITED downloads and choose professionally designed, beautiful backgrounds.

Find it here.

The template finder (FREE) allows you to avoid the hassle of downloading and inserting the template into your presentation. It's done automatically for you!


PresentationstogSig200 And if you don't even want to bother creating slides and figuring out how to best present your information - try their Presentations to Go! (Only $49!) The 23 topics you'll get presentation "shells" for are:

Category Review
Change Proposal
Communicate Bad News
Company Overview
Company Strategic Analysis
Convincing People of a Problem
General Format
Identify Potential Problems
Identify the Problem
Investor Relations
New Project Proposal
Persuasive Presentation
Product Launch
Project Progress Report
Recommend an Alternative
Satisfying Your Customers
Sell to the Customer Interests
Share Information
Strategy Recommendation
Teach Skills
Technical Presentation
Technical Sales
Work Update


Great deals in this economy for us who have to make presentations every day!

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