Saturday, November 28, 2009

36 Free Templates by Brainy Betty: PowerPoint Templates for PowerPoint 2007 at Microsoft Office and much more...

This is a preview only. Click Download Now to download the template.You can find 36 PowerPoint templates at Microsoft Office Online (for PPT 2007 version) with many you can use for Christmas. Go there now.

Do you know about Microsoft Labs?

Microsoft Labs researches and puts out new and cool, innovative programs and applications (just like Google Labs if you are familiar with that...)

One of their awesome new applications is PhotoSynth. You can take a series of pictures of a still object and create a 3-D view of the same object. This is very cool on a number of levels - for businesses, to create 3D images of products, for organizations and schools to create people pictures and amazing graphics, more.

You can check it out and use it free at this site.

Another cool application is Seadragon available free  here. This application allows you to pan and zoom around large picture files on the Internet.

New on our site, under the TEACHER and EDUCATIONAL Resource menu, we've added a link to the Annenburg Foundation's site which provides free educational multimedia for classroom educational use! It's a great site, nonprofit and useful for any educator. I'd definitely bookmark it.

Have a productive, creative fun November and if you don't mind, let a couple of people know about this blog! We want to reach as many people as possible!


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