Saturday, January 16, 2010

This comes under 2 cool FREE web graphic apps you’ve gotta try!


The first is a picture generating online app that takes a group of words and creates a really cool “Word Cloud” graphic. See the picture at left. This cloud graphic reflects some of the most used words from this very blog for example. You can copy and paste text or put in a blog URL and choose colors and backgrounds and fonts as well. Very cool and can be found at:

sampad6c9a60240c2b4f The second is Image Chef. If you are a Facebook aficionado, you already know that Image Chef is one of the most widely used apps on the site. But if you go to their main site, you can find all kinds of fun ways to create graphics for free.  Here’s a graphic I created to the right in about one minute. :) I highly recommend this one!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Nan @ BB

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