Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Faculty Connection - 5 Amazing Downloads for Educators and Students

Every week, I try to bring you something new and different. As many of you know, the Microsoft site is simply gargantuan and many many free and useful resources get overlooked simply because they cannot be found.

This week, I came across the Microsoft Faculty Connection. With areas for both K-12 and Higher Education, there are many many free tutorials, software downloads, whitepapers, guides and more to explore.

I am highlighting this particular link below this week, but will be exploring the site in depth in coming weeks.

Faculty Connection - 5 Amazing Downloads for Educators and Students

In honor of National Computer Science Week (2009), Microsoft offered 5 incredible downloads for students and educators. These include:

  • Kodu – a visual programming language for children and adults who want to create games
  • Photosynth – an amazing new way to create environments from digital photos
  • Robotics Developer Studio – to create robotic applications
  • World Wide Telescope – Microsoft’s answer to Google Earth – but far better thought out and useful
  • and XNA Game Studio – another game creation application

Let the downloading begin! Have fun exploring and offering new ways for your own students to learn and create.

Nan @ Brainybetty

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