Wednesday, June 23, 2010

High Degree of Frustration with Office 2010 Installation

I am having such an incredibly high degree of frustration with installing Office 2010 Home and Business edition. I'm getting considerable errors over and over again - from the installation not recognizing a Q drive to errors for Click to Run to all kinds of other annoyances. Right now, I don't have Office and can't use it. Do NOT buy this software yet. My recommendation is to wait awhile.

Thanks, BB


  1. Hi Nan,

    It sounds like you need the installation section of Office Watch's 258-page $16.95 publication: Office 2010: The Real Startup Guide. I've found it very helpful. Check it out here (this is not an affiliate link - just trying to be helpful):

    Steve Hards,
    Creator of the Opazity Add-in for PowerPoint: Google it ;-)

  2. Thanks Steve! I'll check it out. :)