Friday, January 05, 2007

It' Heeeerrreee! Welcome to 2007!

Hi everyone! Welcome to 2007! I had a great holiday with my entire family - all assorted sisters, brother in laws, nieces and nephews. It was wonderful to be able to take some time off and relax, but... I'm glad to start a fresh new year!

Right off the bat, the new version of Microsoft Office 2007 is now ready to order. It becomes available on January 30th but you can preorder here. I've already ordered my copy and am pretty excited about getting it and upgrading. I've even taken a look at the new Windows Vista operating system as well. If you want a sneak peek to go and play in the new environment - go here.

I don't like resolutions - I never keep them - but here are my GOALS for this year:

1. To post more faithfully to this blog at least once a week.
2. To add at least 4 or 5 new items to Brainy Betty every month. I have 4 new things this month already:
  • new sound files for your presentations
  • new free smileys for email and other applications
  • new flash that you can embed in your presentations (5 new that say "Welcome to 2007!) along with a tutorial about how to embed flash in PPT
  • A new tutorial about how to create an animated PowerPoint background

3. to incorporate more video and audio and media into my site - and for your presentations

4. Oh, and the big one: to get my new business intellipodcast up and running before the end of January!

Have a great month and a prosperous new year, everyone!

- Nan

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