Wednesday, January 24, 2007

If you are a corporate Microsoft Office user...prepare for change.

Microsoft Office 2007 is going to be somewhat of a shock to your system. I am looking forward to attending the Launch Event next Tuesday in Louisville (also taking place in many other cities around the nation). Being involved in the beta was an interesting thing in itself as was trying out the online version. (Read the blog posts below to "try out" the new Office 2007 yourself online.)

When I say prepare for a change - it's not a small thing.Generally speaking, all the ways you have become accustomed to doing things with the menus across the top of the screen - these are gone. Now, items change according to your actions - which is a little challenging at first to grasp and work with. Of course, my focus was on Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, as you can expect - but the changes have taken place across all the core Office programs - including Word, Excel, etc.

I think it is going to be a learning curve for many of you out especially in corporate America and educational institutions. And while I do not see immediate implementations - they are likely to occur further in the year for a lot of companies. (IT departments always tend to wait a bit on the side of caution to feel out if the program will work for other companies of their own size and what kind of problems to anticipate.

But, as far as preparing, I would suggest first understanding if your system is "ready" first for the change. Look at the system requirements and make sure that your processor and hard drive, RAM etc. is compatible before you run out and buy a copy.

We at Brainy Betty will be helping throughout the year - watch for new tutorials every week that will help you to navigate and use Office 2007 and achieve the most productivity without the frustration. Make sure to subscribe to this blog by entering your email on the right or add yourself to our newsletter list and we'll notify you when new content is being posted to the site that can help you.

Have a great week! Be creative! Be productive!

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