Thursday, February 01, 2007

back from the office 2007 launch and I am frankly AMAZED.

wow. is all i have to say.

this new version is the shizznick.

so many cool new features and the graphical interface is simply awesome. some of the things I found MOST intriguing about Office 2007ad VISTA - the new operating system:

the search interface rocks. I really do believe i will shave off hours and hours this year trying to find stuff on my system -very smart.

the ribbon RULES. if you are a regular reader of my blog, you'll know that i was wary about this. however, when i saw it in action, i must say - it is indeed better than the old menu system.

the EXCEL graphs, tables and charts - this was too cool for words - the stuff you could do point and click. no longer is the need to be a number hound to understand your data!

the PowerPoint features: well, all I can say, is step OFF apple keynote - you have serious competition on your hands. you'll find GORGEOUS new presentations this year and the years to come thanks to the 2007 version.

OUTLOOK 2007 - simply rocks the darn ship altogether especially with business contact manager and microsoft accounting 2007. can ya tell i am excited? no punctuation in this entire blogpost! and.... integration with paypal and ebay and equifax? are ya kiddin me? can you say "lotsa stay-at-home entrepreneurs are going to flip over this??"

and VISTA - well, let's just say i am lookinf for once FORWARD to upgrading my system this year to accomodate this o/s. it's not only beautiful, but extremely functional as well.

kudos to microsoft. a lot of planning went into this. i can't wait to implement this new version.

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