Monday, August 23, 2010

Apologies and a cool new download!

Sorry for the blog post which didn’t work at all for all of you yesterday! My bad. :)

Let me make it up to you by giving you a cool new download from Microsoft – absolutely free: the Outlook Attachment Detector (an add-in) looks in the text of emails for any attachments you may have mentioned and prompts you if by chance you forgot to actually attach something. It’s from Microsoft Labs and available from this page.

Microsoft Labs is much like Google Labs where you can go download and play with the latest greatest tekkie toys.

Enjoy and please share with others who may feel benefit…

I hear you loud and clear that some of you cannot access Facebook and our Fan site from where you work. So I will make every effort to post daily freebies at this blog as well. Have a happy week, all!

Nan @ brainybetty

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