Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Outlook Social Connector is pretty cool stuff

image A lot of people don’t even know this snazzy little program exists but would surely use it if they could. It essentially shows you in Outlook what all your Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace people are posting and so much more. You should start by taking a look at the Microsoft Casual Blog videos (short and sweet here) and downloading the files if you want this cool feature in Outlook. I know it makes my life easier to look at all emails, tweets, posts etc. right from within Outlook instead of going to different sites.

Another new feature I’ll be starting on my website is a tech reviews page for software programs and other gadgets I use. I often receive lots of questions from individuals about the best program that can be used to edit videos for business or classes (without being too techy to do it) and I thought folks might find that useful.

I’ve also started to put together a Text Based Site Menu again, but only about 60% of all the pages are currently there – but you may find it useful as well.

Take it easy!

Nan @ BB

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