Thursday, August 11, 2005

Extract sound files from PowerPoint

Want to extract narration from a PowerPoint file to tweak in a third-party sound-editing program? You can extract audio files from narrated presentations by saving them in the .html format.

Open your narrated PowerPoint and Choose File>Save as Web Page. Be sure to choose Web Page (.html) from the "Save as Type" drop-down list (not Single File Web Page).

After saving, click Web Options and click Publish. Look through the .htm or .html files that PowerPoint created and you'll see a .wav file for each slide, numbered consecutively.

They'll look something like this: sound001.wav or sound002.wav.

(Tip provided by Presentations columnist, Ellen Finkelstein,


  1. This was a fantastic tip and saved me a lot of time re-recording. Makes it easy for someone to record their narration quickly too as they can restate any part they didn't like in one stream, then export, edit and then save the new files.

  2. So simple... that's why it's so useful :)

  3. Still so helpful - thank you!