Monday, August 08, 2005

Making charts dim or disappear to focus audience attention in PowerPoint

The final panel in the Chart Effects property sheet, After Animation, lets you hide or dim the entire chart after you've revealed it through animation.

You can even place two charts on the same slide and use one of the hide settings to make the first chart disappear before you display the second. This lets you concentrate the focus of your presentation even more minutely as you step through it.

To make your first chart disappear before you reveal a second chart on the same slide, select the first chart and then choose Slide Show | Custom Animation from the menu bar and click on the Chart Effects tab.

On the Entry Animation And Sound panel choose an effect to make your first chart appear during the presentation. Then on the After Animation panel, select Hide After Animation (or Hide On Next Mouse Click) or choose a light shade of a color to dim the chart and click OK.

Finally, repeat the process for your second chart. Now when you play the slide show only one chart will be visible at one time even though they are both located on the same slide.

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