Monday, September 05, 2005

Creating Play Buttons for PowerPoint Presentations

Create the buttons

To use action buttons:

On the Slide Show menu, point to Action Buttons, and select a button. Point to the slide and click; the button is added.
In the Action Settings dialog box that opens, click None and click OK.

Apply movie actions

To apply Play, Pause, or Stop effects to a movie:

Open the Custom Animation task pane, and select the movie on the slide.
In the task pane, click Add Effect, point to Movie Actions, and select the effect you want.

Trigger the buttons To make a button the trigger for an effect:

Select the effect you want to be triggered by a button; display its menu and click Timing.
Under Triggers, click Start effect on click of, and select the action button that you want to be the trigger for the effect.

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